The Rag-Doll’s Plea by Tiegan English

Note: this poem is intended to highlight the harsh reality that abuse can cause and is in no way
intending to promote harmful coping mechanisms or reduce victims to a broken mentality.
Instead, this poem attempts to target the severity and long-lasting effects of abuse that some
people don’t realise, understand, or even acknowledge. I want my poem to show how strong
survivors and victims of abuse are, and the on going battle they deal with.
TW: graphic depictions of self-harm, suicide and abuse.

The Rag Doll’s Plea

The buttons in her eyes,
Held on by just a thread,
Her mouth sewn shut by thorns,
Her speech now all force-fed,
The fabric once so soft and sweet,
Now all rotted, torn, and dead.

Little ragdoll lost her way,
And now her needle’s blunt,
Her buttons lost their sparkle,
And her cotton matted up.

Her tea party turned sour,
In the absence of consent,
The little rag doll was torn apart,
Reduced to an easy piece of felt.

The sweet doll that he once chose,
Had simply learned too late,
That her rose buttons were the end,
And not the beginning of her fate

Her yarn-filled hair turned damp that day,
As her fabric dripped with red,
Her seam began to loosen,
And her wool began to shed.

Her buttons turned a shade of black,
And his pins cut her cotton deep,
Little rag doll worth so much,
Now a scratched-up young antique.

The teapot swiftly cracked,
And the picnic blanket tore,
The teddy bears couldn’t take it,
As they watched her fill with sores.

Her cotton’s on the floor now,
Still dripping down those steps,
Her buttons fell from her eyes,
With a blade against her thread,
The little rag doll he now owns,
Her dream to wake up dead.

Tiegan English is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Northumbria University. Her
writing focuses on both the horror genre as well as the discussion of societal inequalities.
She is currently working on a larger portfolio of poetry and her first novel, centred around
the Salem and Lancashire witch trials. You can follow Tiegan on Instagram:

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