The Flames of Everything by Nadia Pafunik

The Flames of Everything

I like hot fire cooling down, 

like hot wax melting on my skin 

sinking into oblivion 

hot tears cooling off 

like sprinklers on a lawn. 

On a warm, sunny day

Funny day in later May

Thinking about life 

lying beside you, blinking my eyes 

Hello welcome sight 

Welcome lies, welcome light 

wrap yourself up for the cold weather 

wrap yourself up in cool leather 

try to picture this forever 

in a sweater, come together 

Feel the thunder, brewing lightly 

in the sky, but not politely 

cup of tea, one for me 

leave the cup empty 

Coffee to go, coffee at home 

make me one when I’m all alone 

under ground, super sound 

Life’s so round, feeling bound 

honestly, the leaves can be so brown 

out of town for a day 

leaving tomorrow

Nothing will remain

About this piece

Themes: Loss, nature

About the author

My name is Nadia and since I can remember I have always been writing short stories and poems in my journal. I’m a second year student here at Northumbria.

If you’d like to contact Nadia you can find her here

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