Safety in Isolation by Adam Robson

Safety in Isolation

The chain of the uncrowded air binds our minds and freedom.

An invisible force corrupts our lungs and turns us toxic to one another.

A heavy breath, a swift death.

A silent breeze carrying the indiscriminatory final kiss…

A war of internal invasion with no plans to negotiate or retreat.

Our protector, a guard built of nothing but soap and melancholy words.

Our souls confined to fear and suspicion, our brains ablaze with forbidden thoughts of coalition.

The fields in our heads turn to jungles over time, visions in our minds become sourer than lime

The warmer summer breeze becomes a dense curse.

While the chill of winter absorbs our smiles.

The scenes of an innocent spring reduced to nothing more than a taunt reflected upon our eyes.

While we view the rusty leaves through our airtight looking–glass.

About this piece

This poem (Safety in Isolation) is a commentary upon the necessary but suffocating experience common to a vast a majority over the last two years, that being the lockdowns due to COVID. This is a poem which was written during the latter part of the first (and longest) lockdown in 2020, if reflects my own feelings of the time. This is explored through metaphorical and seasonal imagery. It was a very important piece to me in terms of therapy in terms of the deterioration of mental health a lot of us felt over he last two years.

About the author

My name is Adam Robson, I am a student at Northumbria university of English Literature and History originally from Sunderland. I am an amateur playwright and poet who delves into both serious and comedic types of work. I am currently directing a show I have written called ‘Angel? Not!’ with the Northumbria university drama society.

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