Ode to a Lady by Fanni Putz

Ode to a Lady

Be feminine, be gentle, be fragile!
Be emotional, be strong, be ladylike,
act like a Lady!
Be the beauty men find peace in,
and attracted to.
Be sexy, be sensitive,
be soft, be a teardrop!
Do not cry, serve your man!
Do not be controlling, do not be a feminist!
Men do not like that.
Give your body to a man,
expect nothing in return.
Respect is not served at the table,
neither in bed.
A Lady, forced into a life she did not dream of.
Be freedom! Be a Lady who does not belong to a man.

Fanni Putz is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Northumbria University. Her writing focuses on social injustices, sexuality, gender, emotions and touches upon the theme of femininity. She is currently working on a larger portfolio of poetry and her first novel. You can follow her on instagram: @fanniputz1998



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