Minor Son of a Miner’s Son by Stephen McGowan

Minor Son of a Miner’s Son

I am scared, no…terrified of the day my Dad dies.

And not just that day, but the days that follow. Terrified of playing a role I shouldn’t have to, because

when he lies in state, I’m scared that I’ll feel…nothing.

Nothing but empty space, but then that space has become a chasm both wide and unfathomably deep yet overflowing with resentment.

I understand that resentment. The unassailable prison walls of responsibility, forced into a life we did not dream, did not want, but where he has accepted this, become resigned, institutionalised, I strive to keep being me, and with that I reject this life.


I am an only child.

So I’ll be asked…no, expected to speak, to eulogise (“You’re a poet, write a poem”), and I’ll have a choice on that hollow ground.

Speak truth, this truth.

Or lie in some generic, insincere voice and verse.

I’m scared, no terrified that on that day… I’ll be a coward.

About the piece

This is a freeform poem covering the theme of fear, the relationship between father and son, and the responsibility of being a family.

About the author

Stephen McGowan is a poet and author, studying Creative Writing at Northumbria University. He takes part in local Open Mic sessions around the North East, and has multiple poetical events to come in 2022 and beyond. He also writes prose and is working on a Gothic Horror Novella and a Dark Fantasy Novel. He is active on Facebook @stephenmcgowanauthor and Twitter @geekdaddyprime.

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