Magic runs through her veins by Ayisha Ahmed

To the kind lady who told my dad that I am a pleasure to be around
And the familiar girls who pick me up from the ground
When I’m feeling low
But mostly to the goddesses that help me to grow

To the friends that drag me out when I am sad
And that one who is the older sister that I never had
To all the females that make me feel complete
As well as to the ones I am still yet to meet

My admiration for your presence in my life
Burns because if I were to take a knife
And cut you open it would explain
How I know that magic runs through your veins.

I think that women are magicians – AA.

About this poem

Written on international women’s day, this poem reflects my adoration of
all the female figures in my life. Inspired in part by a quote that sat heavy
on my heart, “where there is a woman, there is magic” – Ntozake Shange.

About the poet

My blog Stream of Consciousness began as exactly that… putting pen to
paper and letting my innermost thoughts fill the page. From a young age, I
have been captivated by words and the power they have to shape our
lives. Now, as an English Lit student just trying to get through life, and my
Master’s degree, I am sharing my words in the hopes that someone,
somewhere, will enjoy them. I am learning to grow, heal and love (mostly
myself) through my poetry writing; lifted from a private journal, my words
are a true reflection of everything I am learning in my twenties – AA.

You can find Ayisha’s Instagram here.

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