Biweekly Creative Prompt – “Liar, Liar…”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” she lied.

“I’m sorry to hear it,” he replied, struggling to contain his laughter.

“I understand completely,” they said through gritted teeth.

Characters with different agendas make for juicy drama, and what better way to establish that a character has a hidden agenda than to make them lie? Try opening on someone telling a lie, and see where the story takes you. Is it a white lie that they think they need to tell, or an active, malicious betrayal? Will this deceit be discovered, by shrewd observation or guilt-ridden confession? What will the fallout of this be? Make your characters clash, give them mutually exclusive goals, and most importantly, set their pants on fire.

This one is a big challenge to you visual-medium likers. Can you frame an image with some sort if inherent contradiction to it? Can you show the viewer a lie without telling it to them directly? Have a go, and see where the idea takes you.

Whether it be through prose, poetry, art, photography, film, or any other creative medium, we’d like to see your creative responses to our prompt and publish them.

Our submission guidelines for each creative medium can be found here.

If you’d like to submit a prompt idea, or a piece of art or photography to function as a prompt, email us at

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