Guardian Angel by Nadia Pafunik

Guardian Angel

There you are my guardian angel- 

taken too soon, 

my love for you like a boundless ocean

orbits the moon.

My shoulder to cry on, my Mother Theresa. 

You’ve made a name for yourself as my saviour. 

Your sun dress, your black hair

your legacy is my only prayer.

I’m nothing but a worldly mortal.  

And then there’s you-cloaked in the colour blue. 

Therefore everything must burn. 

Everything but you.

About this piece:

Themes: Love, loss

About the author:

My name is Nadia and since I can remember I have always been writing short stories and poems in my journal. I’m a second year student here at Northumbria.

If you’d like to contact Nadia you can find her here

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