Bi-Weekly Creative Prompt: Fear


What are you afraid of? Whether it’s a phobia of spiders or a deep-seated fear about the coming climate catastrophe, we want to see your creativity in expressing this.

Even though Halloween is over, we’re sticking with a darker prompt this week (two weeks) because we enjoy reading your spine-tingling submissions.

Horror stories give the reader a chance to be taken on a journey where their fears are acknowledged, and when the protagonist survives, it offers hope that the reader can survive their fears too. So we want you to make us scared in order to achieve that blissful state of emotional catharsis.

Photo by Pixaby from Pexels

Whether it be through prose, poetry, art, photography, film, or any other creative medium, we’d like to see your creative responses to our prompt and publish them.

Our submission guidelines for each creative medium can be found here.

If you’d like to submit a prompt idea, or a piece of art or photography to function as a prompt, email us at

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