6AM @ Subway – Elspeth Read

In the morning changing light of                                

Soft and blue florescent bulbs, the

Lines dividing science and fiction

Become unfocused, hidden and faint.


Time displacement, I find, is common

When working alone, opening shift.

The shop becomes a portal to

A greenish sort of Twilight Zone.


What sounds before I set aside as

Background noise I’d normally tune out

Jump out at me from all sides,

I suppose the walls are hungry too.


I guess Cthulhu wants a coffee,

Martians favour cookies most,

Nosforatu needs his pepsi,

Mothra wants a salad, ‘course.


Inter Stella space cadets and

Raving ravens wave as I pass from

deepest darkest crannies and nooks.

Perhaps they’ll stay to taste the menu?


But, of course, seven comes and

With it normal life returns.

Sal from sales buys his salad, whilst

Mothra makes his way back home.

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