Behold the Gold by Nadia Pafunik

Behold the Gold

A myriad of golden leaves 

the hum of wildlife in the trees, 

I fall in love with this season 

more with every falling leaf, 

or shade of gold.

We behold nature dying

this time of year, nocturnal 

unfolding like a white piece of paper 

ripped out of your favourite journal. 

Schoolgirls wearing those perfect plaid skirts 

leaving their classes 

with hair the colour of molasses 

going home to dream up, 

the beginning of their new life 

dreaming with ink, a blank sheet 

just like me, and those before. 

Eclectic, I know 

soon enough surrounded by snow 

and hope and the moon’s pale glow. 

Ideas are like gold, 

behold them melting slow 

nurture them as so. 

Outside the window of the train, 

there’s a swan looking peaceful 

like a pearl in clear water. 

As if to say, like The Hollies 

All I need is the air that I breathe. 

About this piece

Themes: Nature

About the author

My name is Nadia and since I can remember I have always been writing short stories and poems in my journal. I’m a second year student here at Northumbria.

If you’d like to contact Nadia you can find her here

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